Monday, June 4, 2007


Jazz (Saxo in Canada, Tigre in Italy) is the "very cool, very stylish, very competent" member of the Autobots in the Transformers television and comic series based on the popular toy line produced by Takara and Hasbro. His original vehicle mode is a Martini Porsche 935 Turbo racing car. Self-possessed, calm, and utterly collected, Jazz is head of Special Operations, with his own dedicated roster of agents. He often gives the most dangerous assignments to himself. It's not a matter of ego—he just really is the coolest head for the toughest missions. Jazz's ease extends to whatever environment he finds himself in, no matter how weird or wonderful. He effortlessly tunes in to the local culture, assimilating and improvising, and making creative command decisions, making him an indispensable right-hand bot to Optimus Prime.

Jazz remains one of the more popular and well-remembered characters from the original series. Because of problems with trademarking the name Jazz, some later releases of Jazz are called Autobot Jazz.


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Transformers is (arguably) the most successful cartoon ever with a continuously popular TV show and toy line for over 15 years. Transformers first aired and released its initial toy line in 1984. The original Transformer series lasted a whole three seasons and a few season four episodes as well as a full length feature film in 1985 before it came to an end in 1987. In 1996, Transformers came back in their freshest incarnation show - Beast Wars! Beast Wars experimented with a new idea of transforming animals rather than vehicles with a more dynamic CGI 3D animated show. Many die-hard Generation 1 fans originally scoffed at the new idea, but Transformers winning formula eventually succeeded in converting old fans with the new show sporting numerous Generation 1 references. Beast Wars lasted three seasons until it ended in 1999 with the toy line still going strong today.